Three UKM Indonesia Performance at GLEE Exhibition in Birmingham England

By the end of summer in the UK, the Indonesian Embassy in London which have a cooperation with the Ministry of Indonesia Trade to participated in the exhibition of Garden and Leisure Exhibition (GLEE) in Birmingham on 12-14 September 2016.

GLEE is an annual exhibition featuring products related to landscaping and furniture.

Three UKM (small to medium enterprises) from Indonesia fill the Indonesian Pavilion of Indomop from South Tangerang which is producing cleaning equipment’s, Aninda Furniture from Solo which is producing wooden furniture and sculpture, and Yuka Stone Art from Yogyakarta which is producing garden lamps from natural stone.

"This is Indomop's participation in exhibition event in the UK for the first time. I hope through this participation we can expand the export market of cleaning equipment products such as floor brooms yarn, brooms, brushes, floor wiper, to the European market. I do not think the response is positive enough, not only there are some interests from British companies, but also the other countries that apparently also attend this exhibition", said Agus Ariandy Sijoatmodjo from Indomop.

Positive response to Indonesian products even came from other exhibitors.

When the Indonesian Pavilion has just been laid out, several other exhibitors come to the Indonesian Pavilion and are eager to buy the Indonesian products.

James Carter from the Pines and Needles company that sells direct crops, for example, is interested in purchasing chair and table products from Aninda Furniture company because it is made from wooden branches and tree roots.

"We use wood waste so that our wooden branches and tree roots are made into unique chairs and tables. Like our previous customers from the United States and United Arab Emirates, the response from participants and visitors in GLEE is also great. Maybe because our product design is quite unique by utilizing the wood parts that had been unused. "Said Bp. Mukhsen from Aninda Furniture.

"British consumers generally like natural products. So that when they see a chair made from branches or roots of trees or even a broom as used in the Harry Potter films or also products of natural stone garden lights, they are very interested. "Said Hastin Dumadi, Acting Economic Function of Indonesian Embassy in London.

Through this event, the Embassy in London also continues to attract prospective buyers to participate in the Trade Expo Indonesia which will be held in Jakarta in October 2018.

Stewart Gordon from Yuka Stone Art Company in Yogyakarta welcomed the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in London and the Ministry of Commerce to participate in this exhibition.

According to Gordon, there are 3 UK companies who want to order Yuka products in large quantities. 

Through Indonesia's participation in this exhibition event, the Indonesian Embassy in London can continue to support government efforts to increase Indonesia's exports with a variety of products.

Indonesian companies which one wishing to participate in overseas trade fairs can see a list of exhibition activities conducted by Indonesian Representatives overseas among them on the website of the Ministry of Trade which is gathering information on trade exhibition activities from Indonesian Representatives abroad.






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